Service Terms

I’m no fan of inhibitions, but I understand “rules” (or terms, as I like to refer to them) are important when conducting business smoothly. Mine are listed below.


  1. Fees  are project-based and will be determined after briefing.
  2. After consultation, I send a proposal with quotation attached, for your approval by signature. A signed proposal indicates that I am hired for the job.
  3. I appreciate a 2-3 week lead-time.
  4. Kill fees apply. If a project is killed for any reason after completion of the copywriting, full payment is due.

Payment options:

OPTION A—Invoice in two installments. 50% of total fee due at proposal approval, with remaining balance invoiced upon project completion or 30 days from project start date (whichever comes first)—payable net 15 days. Writing will begin upon receipt of initial deposit.

OPTION B—Invoice total project fee at proposal approval. Payable upon first draft submission. Further editing and revisions will begin at payment receipt.


If needed, I offer two rounds of revisions of submitted copy after final draft submission. Revision requests must be made within 30 days of final draft submission. If project type and objective change, a new proposal and project fee will apply.