QT of the Week: Streamline your research. Publish more content.

Research is arguably the most important aspect of web writing. Without knowing what we’re talking about, a copywriter can’t appeal to anyone, let alone the target audience. As important as it is to read up on the topics we are hired to write about, a lot of us copywriters greet this phase of the copywriting process […]

Social media isn’t just a fad.. and why you can’t afford to avoid it

I’m sure you’ve heard SOMETHING about social media as it relates to business. It’s the talk of the town in this digital age. But it isn’t just a fad. It’s here to stay. The successes of Facebook, Twitter, and recently Pinterest, are evidence that there is something to social media.. something that can either prosper […]

Case studies: add story-telling to your list of profitable marketing skills

Everyone loves a good story. Savvy marketers take advantage of our love for good stories when they use case studies as marketing material. Think about it. We tuck our children in with a bed time story. In our own childhood, fairy tales expanded our imaginations. As adults, we enjoy stories as shown in blockbuster movies. […]

Need more hot leads? Create a “bait piece.”

A website full of valuable and unique information is a great way to bring in traffic. Readers always return to the source of interesting and original content. Take advantage! There is yet another way to offer readers what they’re looking for—creating a bait piece.   What is a bait piece? It is a lead generation […]

Streamline your content marketing efforts with an editorial calendar

Content marketing is a big thing these days. Consumers have access to gargantuan amounts of information through the Internet. Content marketing is how companies position themselves as the “go-to guys.” By creating and sharing relevant, useful information to consumers, businesses focus less on explicit selling and more on building mind-share and brand loyalty. Prosperous content marketing requires organization. […]

What is web writing?

Take a peak at your Favorites in Internet Explorer. Browse through your Bookmarks. Think about your favorite blog. Chances are, these websites have content crafted at the hands of a good web writer. “Web writing” is a commonly used term that refers to copywriting for the Internet. It rightfully deserves it’s own category because of […]