Learn how to overcome the obstacles to writing top selling product description copy

Writing for the Web is all about flexibility and variety. Algorithms adjust, technologies advance, optimization techniques change. So much activity means a writer stands a good chance of doing this for years without ever burning out… Unless he specializes in writing ecommerce websites’ product description copy. Just recently coming off a project with hundreds of […]

Taking a dump saves time and increases originality

That’s one helluva headline, huh? Don’t worry. You haven’t been misled. Yes. Taking the time to have a dump – a thought dump, that is – will shave time off the writing process and increase the originality of your articles, web copy, blog posts, etc. The term “thought dump” simply describes the practice of opening […]

QT of the Week: Streamline your research. Publish more content.

Research is arguably the most important aspect of web writing. Without knowing what we’re talking about, a copywriter can’t appeal to anyone, let alone the target audience. As important as it is to read up on the topics we are hired to write about, a lot of us copywriters greet this phase of the copywriting process […]

Streamline your content marketing efforts with an editorial calendar

Content marketing is a big thing these days. Consumers have access to gargantuan amounts of information through the Internet. Content marketing is how companies position themselves as the “go-to guys.” By creating and sharing relevant, useful information to consumers, businesses focus less on explicit selling and more on building mind-share and brand loyalty. Prosperous content marketing requires organization. […]