Improve Copywriting and Boost Conversions Using An Annoying Tactic You’d Usually Hate

Do you want to write more persuasive copy? Are you looking for ways to compel readers to interact with you? Could your copywriting use a tune up to make it stand out among so much advertising noise? … did you notice what I just did? I’ll explain. It’s easy for copywriters to get swept up in the […]

Increase your website’s traffic: 3 steps to smart link-building

Link building is equivalent to leaving your website (or blog)’s footprints across the web, in places where they will be valued and followed. There are countless blogs, forums, and social networks available on the Internet. You should be taking care to expose your product or service on as many of these mediums as possible. The […]

Social media isn’t just a fad.. and why you can’t afford to avoid it

I’m sure you’ve heard SOMETHING about social media as it relates to business. It’s the talk of the town in this digital age. But it isn’t just a fad. It’s here to stay. The successes of Facebook, Twitter, and recently Pinterest, are evidence that there is something to social media.. something that can either prosper […]

Need more hot leads? Create a “bait piece.”

A website full of valuable and unique information is a great way to bring in traffic. Readers always return to the source of interesting and original content. Take advantage! There is yet another way to offer readers what they’re looking for—creating a bait piece.   What is a bait piece? It is a lead generation […]