Writer’s Background

Before I became a freelance writer, I used writing skills every day as a Legal Studies major.

Paralegals do the writing that lays the foundation for lawyers’ arguments. Most of the writing was in legalese— language a person may not understand unless employed in the legal field.

I quickly realized my favorite assignments were client letters. In essence, I enjoyed speaking to the customer in plain, easy-to-read language.

After intense training from American Writers & Artists Inc. in copywriting for the Internet, I’ve transferred my writing skill over into the web marketing arena.

Copywriters advocate for their clients’ products and services. Just like lawyers advocate for their clients in court… if I can write the material lawyers use to convince a jury, imagine what I can do for the copy on your website, blog or social media accounts.

Being a good writer is only one facet of copywriting. Thousands of hours of reading and practice go into gaining marketing expertise. Rest assured, I’ve paid my dues.

I am a quick study, so mentorship has put me several steps ahead of the learning curve. I am a member of the Professional Writers’ Alliance and Wealthy Web Writers.

Any respectable profession requires continued education. Copywriting is no different.

I am always improving. Always learning. Always practicing. Always delivering copy that produces results and profits.

If you are ready to move forward with your web writing project, contact me at Nikki@RobinsonWriting.com or visit www.RobinsonWriting.com for more contact info.