Improve Copywriting and Boost Conversions Using An Annoying Tactic You’d Usually Hate

Do you want to write more persuasive copy? Are you looking for ways to compel readers to interact with you? Could your copywriting use a tune up to make it stand out among so much advertising noise?

… did you notice what I just did? I’ll explain.

It’s easy for copywriters to get swept up in the idea that copy should be all facts, quotes and benefit statements. While those elements are important, there’s room for another type of writing.

Interrogatory writing, that is. Put simply: asking questions.

Ever went to a parent, spouse or someone more experienced/wise for help and they ended up asking YOU a question to make you see what you needed to do to fix your own problem?

They essentially answered your question with a question.

Asking questions in your copy pretty much works the same way.

The key is to avoid a condescending tone. Ask legitimate questions related to readers’ needs, wants and/or fears.

When a reader feels that he identified the solution he needs on his own, he’s likely to be more open to hearing your case for how your product/service is his best option.

Let’s face it. We don’t take kindly to others budding into our business – telling us what we do and don’t need.

But if we already acknowledge a need or desire, when the right message comes along that speaks directly to our situation, we want to know more.

Our interest peaks.

We want to be in control of fixing things. Maybe it’s a need to feel independent. Or maybe we just like taking credit for progress.

Whatever the reason, we notice copy with questions that we’ve already asked ourselves.

Need help figuring out how this advice can help you?

This article talks about using questions in your call-to-action on Facebook.

It’s another example of effectively answering a question with a question.

Copy writing that makes use of the right questions makes readers want to respond.

  • Blog content with questions usually attracts more comments than blog posts without questions.
  • If you’re using Google Analytics, SEOmoz or other tools to measure campaigns (as you should be), conduct A/B testing to see for yourself the difference questions can make.
  • Change a landing page headline from an exclamatory sentence to a targeted question. See which converts better.
  • Ask a question on the website’s sign-up form where there’s currently an imperative sentence. Keep an eye on opt-in rates.
  • Take the time to truly get to know your audience. Write questions in your copy that speak directly to the ideal target.

As annoying as it may be when our siblings, parents, friends or spouses do it to us, answering a question with a question often makes for better copywriting.

What do you think causes people to be so drawn to answering questions?

Have you personally experienced boosted conversion rates from sprinkling targeted questions throughout online copy?

What were the results of your A/B testing?

Chime in with your comments below.


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