When Converting Copy Won’t Guard Against High Bounce Rates…

Time is the most dependable, yet inflexible factor of life. It is always ticking away. A common human fear is that time will elude us.

That’s why so many people are impatient.

Impatience is the main culprit behind high bounce rates. Websites may enjoy large amounts of traffic, but if visitors are spending only a few seconds on a webpage, the visit is practically useless.

There are several reasons behind site visitors leaving so soon.

…perhaps they mistakenly clicked on a link.

…maybe they bookmarked the site for future reference and continued on in their search for information.

…possibly a storm knocked out their power as soon as they clicked through to a website. (I said possibly, not likely.)

Businesses have no way of making sure visitors stay on their websites, but there is a proactive action they can take to influence longer stays.

Do away with ultra-flashy websites!

It’s a shame when brilliant, engaging, informative and converting copy falls in the shadow of over-the-top graphics and Flash animation.

Fact is, those design features increase the time it takes for webpages to load. And that’s conducive of high bounce rates.

As stated earlier, most people are inherently impatient.

The ten seconds it takes for a webpage populated with fancy graphics to load are ten reasons to click the browser’s Back button.

Flamboyant graphic designers and developers may not want to hear that their creations are the reason site visitors leave as quick as they come.

Yet it’s true.

The sales copy can be the best copy ever written, but it won’t be read because it takes so long for the webpage to load.

Time is of the essence.

Businesses have to make the most of their short window of time given to strike a visitors’ fancies. Making them wait just to satisfy a desire for extravagant website decoration directly affects conversions for the worst.

Even more depressing is the fact that Flash websites don’t do well with search engine optimization (SEO). The spiders that crawl the Web in search of new content to index can’t read the text on a Flash website.

That’s another hit to a website’s visibility.

As a copywriter, it isn’t uncommon to encounter this problem when writing website copy. Some webmasters seem intent on skyrocketing bounce rates with overanimation.

A polite suggestion that graphics be less pronounced paired with a helpful warning about high bounce rates may persuade against flashy graphics.

Should your advice go unheeded, still submit your best copywriting. At the end of the day, you’ve done your job and will still be paid – even if conversions aren’t as high as they could be.

Can you personally relate to visitors clicking away from a website because of the length of time it takes to load?

Have you dealt with webmasters who insisted on flashy website design?

What other tips do you have to combat high bounce rates?

Chime in with your comments below.


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