The secret to working in social media? “Multitask like a mother.”


Five roles of a Social Media Strategist

(source: Bryan Kramer,

Social Media Strategist. Or Social Media Manager (my title). Or Community Relations Expert. Or Public Relations Coordinator.

There are so many names for the same position in social media. The person who promotes a brand (or brands) online is who we’re talking about. The person who builds engaged audiences and sets up shop in consumers’ minds. That’s who these wonderful people are.

Bryan Kramer of posted an article that summarizes five skills needed to be a Social Media Strategist… or any one of similar positions concerning social media. In it, Kramer writes that a Social Media Strategist must

  • be a risk-taker. Step out of the box when it comes to interacting with your audience in the ever-increasing variety of social media outlets.
  • be a relationship builder. Before you can sell to consumers, you must earn your place as an influencer. Building positive relationships is the key to successful social media campaigns.
  • be an evangelist. How do you expect consumers to believe in your product/service, if you don’t? Be passionate about the brand you’re promoting online.
  • be a policy maker. Rules keep things running smoothly. There have to be boundaries set when social media is involved – without losing your individual style, of course.
  • be familiar with analytics. In order to get the most ROI, brands need to know which social media strategies work and which don’t. Analytics help you measure effectiveness and cut excess.

As Kramer says, you have to know how to “multitask like a mother.”

I can agree. As a mom to a newborn, multitasking is a skill I use a lot personally and for business.

If multitasking is your forte, and you identify with the five roles above, take a look at this infographic showing the average salaries of positions in social media. Perhaps it’s the motivation you’ve been needing to get started in building a career of social media.

Are you interested in becoming a Social Media Strategist?

If so, why?

Perhaps you already work in social media. What do you love about it?

What would you change about your position if given the chance?

Share your insight with me in the comments below.


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