Learn how to overcome the obstacles to writing top selling product description copy

Writing for the Web is all about flexibility and variety. Algorithms adjust, technologies advance, optimization techniques change.

So much activity means a writer stands a good chance of doing this for years without ever burning out…

Unless he specializes in writing ecommerce websites’ product description copy.

Just recently coming off a project with hundreds of jewelry product descriptions, I have a few things to say to newbie copywriters or those web writers who wish to offer product description writing as a main service.


Before going into your next product description copy assignment, internalize the following:

5 tips to refresh your product description copy so that it is searchable, interesting and actionable:

Get comfortable with the product descriptions’ structure.

Depending on the word count, most product descriptions follow an outlined structure that works well to keep readers’ attention and persuade them to buy.

Open the product description copy with an attention-grabbing exclamatory statement or question. The first sentence acts as a headline of sorts. It only has a few seconds to tickle the reader’s fancy, encouraging her to read on further.

Include descriptive copy in the beginning; it’s best to start writing about characteristic features in the first two sentences. Make sure you highlight the benefits of each feature as well. The copy should give shoppers a clear picture of the item comfortably fitting into their lifestyles.

And never forget to close product description copy with a call to action (ex: “Add this magnificent ornamental pendant to your stainless steel jewelry collection today!”).

Step outside of the box with your words.

There’s no doubt that you’re an awesome writer with a vocabulary that blows the average person out of the water!

Yet, after writing hundreds of product descriptions you start to notice that you’ve repeated a few words a little too often for comfort.

Keep a thesaurus on hand.

Personally, Thesaurus.com is my favorite resource. A pocket thesaurus works just as well. Whenever you want to add a different, colorful adjective or a more action packed verb in product description copy, a thesaurus provides plenty options.

Make each product description its own.

After seeing the 106th nursery blanket, they all start to lose their individuality. Features start to fade together, and it’s harder to highlight the special details of each item.

This is common.

At this point, it’s time to really allow the product itself to determine the tone of the product description copy.

If necessary, spend about a minute or two analyzing every detail about each item. Develop a voice in your mind that matches each item’s characteristics. Write using that tone and descriptive words that fit the profile as well.

Keep SEO in mind alongside persuasive quality.

Product descriptions – just like homepage copy, social media posts and content articles – are subject to optimization as well.

Using one or two keywords/keyphrases usually does the job as far as writing appealing, comprehensive product description copy.

Place at least one keyword/keyphrase in the very beginning of the product description copy, so that web crawlers pick it up within the first hundred characters of the webpage.

Having hundreds, sometimes thousands, of product descriptions optimized for a list of relevant keywords/keyphrases lets search engines know quickly that your site is an online resource for searchers in the market for the products you sell.

Don’t allow repetition to stunt creativity.

Always mind the effort and creative energy placed in each product description.

It’s nice to gain momentum and get a lot of them done quickly, but creativity shouldn’t lose to speed. But often, it’s all too easy to allow that to happen.

To defeat a lack of creative energy, work in timed increments that match the ebb and flow of your own imagination and artistic originality.

Everyone has his or her own cycle. Times when vividly descriptive words just roll off the brain precede awful droughts where everything begins to sound the same and words just won’t seem to come to mind when you want.

When that happens, simply push back from the monitor. Take a break. Return to the product description copy in around 30 minutes to an hour.

Putting your mind on other things for a while allows time for other ideas, memories, observations and connections to occupy your thoughts. In many cases, that’s all the inspiration needed to get a fresh start when writing product descriptions.

How do you feel about product description writing?

Is it your specialty?

What other questions about product descriptions do you have?

Do you have any tips for writing product descriptions that sell in record time?

Of all the product description assignments you’ve had, which was your favorite?

Talk to me in the comments below.


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