QT of the Week: What can infomercials teach you about writing Web copy?

Nikki here, sharing another Quick Tip of the Week.

The idea for this post came from an infomercial. I was up super early Thursday morning working on product descriptions when an infomercial about a paint sprayer came on.

Just like the hundreds of thousands of infomercials preceding it, everything was ridiculously exaggerated.

The spokesperson was making a point that the total experience of traditional painting is inconvenient and an unnecessary waste of time in comparison to painting with the advertised paint sprayer.


To drive his point home, he splashed paint all over creation with a regular paint brush, intentionally putting way too much on the walls to give the effect of runny paint. It was a true mess. It pretty much reminded me of the Three Stooges kind of slapstick comedy.

Overstating the Obvious Works Well for Web Copy

However entertaining this guy’s antics may have been, I also realize that when marketing to your audience, it’s important to spell out every problem you can fix and every benefit you have to offer – even if you have to overstate the obvious.

Infomercials make a regular practice of it. Of course, painting a house’s exterior is time-consuming. Of course, a paint sprayer gets the job done faster than a paint roller… Get my drift?

Learn from Infomercials when Writing Web Copy

When writing for the Web, it’s important to spoon feed readers. Say the obvious. State their current problems – even though they are the ones having the problems! Yes, they know what disadvantages they deal with. But in order to drive home how effective your solution is to their problem, you have to bring up their pains.

Essentially, you’re telling them what they want to hear. Even if it is already unmistakably obvious.


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