Increase your website’s traffic: 3 steps to smart link-building

Link building is equivalent to leaving your website (or blog)’s footprints across the web, in places where they will be valued and followed.

There are countless blogs, forums, and social networks available on the Internet. You should be taking care to expose your product or service on as many of these mediums as possible. The more places you promote your business, the more exposure you’ll gain, the more traffic (first-time and repeat) you’ll drive to your site.

I’m sure you’ve seen those God-awful spammers on your favorite blog or forum board. They will completely interrupt a discussion with an irrelevant plug of whatever they’re selling.

That’s not what we’re aiming for.

In fact, that’s the complete opposite of everything smart link-building stands for. Dropping links all willy-nilly without regard to the actual discussion is a quick way to discredit your business AND whatever products or services you’re marketing.

Take this 3 step plan of action to drive targeted traffic to your site.

  1. Be specific about your target audience. If you’re offering self-help literature, you won’t fare well in discussions related to accounting software. Remember, your links are only as strong as the audience you place them in front of.
  2. Plug your targeted keyphrases into Google Alerts. It’s an excellent tool for scouting new places to drop your links. Every time a website, a blog, a news site, or even a YouTube video related to your topic comes up, Google notifies you. In a week’s time, you can discover a bus load of venues for link-building. You can even choose to receive notifications daily, weekly or as they become available.
  3. Most importantly, be sure to engage or build rapport wherever you leave a link. Don’t just barge in on a conversation and leave a link to your site without first offering something of value. Whether it be an opinion, a tip, a product review or simply agreeing with someone else’s viewpoint, make you sure actually contribute to the conversation. This way, readers give you more credibility and are more likely to actually click the link you leave behind.

Using these three steps in your link-building campaign should yield some pretty impressive results over time. Thank me later 🙂

What tips for effective link building can you add?

Using the action plan above, how long did it take you to see results (higher click thru rates, increased conversion, etc.)?

Do you even use link building as a tool to increase brand/product awareness? If not, what do you use?


Nikki Robinson is a freelance web copywriter and a member of American Writers & Artists Inc. Her background and experience includes business management, sales & marketing, telecommunications and legal writing. Contact her at or visit for more info.


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