Need more hot leads? Create a “bait piece.”

A website full of valuable and unique information is a great way to bring in traffic. Readers always return to the source of interesting and original content. Take advantage! There is yet another way to offer readers what they’re looking for—creating a bait piece.


What is a bait piece?

It is a lead generation tool. You may have heard of them as white papers or bonus reports. We’ve all seen them. Enter a name and email address in exchange for some sort of information. They are often an incentive for subscribing to a company’s mailing list, blog or e-newsletter.

Some reports are

  • round-ups of useful information on a specific topic
  • an analysis of carefully researched data
  • detailed explanations of a beneficial product or service
  • collections of personal advice and tips

The bait piece is in PDF format usually. It gives more in-depth information than readers can find directly on a website or blog. Readers feel the information is exclusive. Exclusive information attracts subscribers.

Why is it called a “bait piece?”

As I said before, readers give their names and email addresses to receive your “Free Bonus Report” or white paper’s exclusive content –the bait. Capturing these contacts is the sole purpose of the bait piece.

Bait piece subscribers tend to be more invested in the information they opt to receive. They are often further along in the buying cycle. Take their interests serious. Their interest in your bait piece means good things for you.


So what are you fishing for?

The opportunity to position yourself in front of readers again. When I say “position,” I mean:

  • offer your product or service for sell.. again
  • explain more benefits to prospects
  • become a trusted and familiar source for worthwhile information
  • be the go-to guy within your niche

When you capture email addresses from your readers, you have the opportunity to do all these things by reaching out to them with another tool—email marketing.

Some use a set of autoresponder emails to keep contact with subscribers. Others use daily emails. Many use emails sent at monthly intervals or longer. But they all regularly engage with the leads generated by their bait pieces.

Are you offering a bait piece on your website or blog?

How did you decide what content to include in the bait piece?

How are you nurturing your catches (leads)?

Nikki Robinson is a freelance web copywriter and a member of American Writers & Artists Inc. Her background and experience includes business management, sales & marketing, telecommunications and legal writing. Contact her at or visit for more info.


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