Streamline your content marketing efforts with an editorial calendar

Content marketing is a big thing these days. Consumers have access to gargantuan amounts of information through the Internet. Content marketing is how companies position themselves as the “go-to guys.” By creating and sharing relevant, useful information to consumers, businesses focus less on explicit selling and more on building mind-share and brand loyalty.

Prosperous content marketing requires organization. Sure, you could just brainstorm topics for articles, but what about execution?

Who will write the content? Do you have a team of writers? Will you hire a freelance writer?

How often will you create and share content?

Where will the content be posted? Does a certain topic need its own web page or will a blog post suffice?

How will you share your content on social media websites?

An editorial calendar answers these questions and more. If your company uses content marketing to encourage brand loyalty, to generate leads, to display thought leadership or even to increase direct sales, an editorial calendar is a must-have productivity tool.

It doesn’t have to be uber-fancy or overly techy. An Excel spreadsheet will suffice. You can even use a wall calendar from your local dollar store. The focus of the calendar isn’t presentation; it’s organization and accountability.

These are a few things to include in your calendar entries:

  • topic (headline)
  • SEO keywords
  • writer (if you have a team of writers)
  • post length
  • where the content will be posted (web page, blog, Twitter, etc.)

Enter this information on the due date. This way, you can look at the calendar and see what’s coming up. Having a deadline increases accountability, but it also enhances your sense of accomplishment when you cross that day off the calendar… or strikethrough the font in Excel. Different strokes for different folks (no pun intended).

Creating an editorial calendar is a simple enough task, but tutorials are always helpful. SEO-expert Heather Lloyd-Martin was nice enough to create a video that can be viewed here.

Take a stab at it. Then come back and tell me about the changes in your writing and productivity.

Nikki Robinson is a freelance web copywriter and a member of American Writers & Artists Inc. Her background and experience includes business management, sales & marketing, telecommunications and legal writing. Contact her at or visit for more info.


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