What is web writing?

Take a peak at your Favorites in Internet Explorer. Browse through your Bookmarks. Think about your favorite blog. Chances are, these websites have content crafted at the hands of a good web writer.

“Web writing” is a commonly used term that refers to copywriting for the Internet. It rightfully deserves it’s own category because of how different it is from traditional marketing and sales copy (a completely different post in itself). Content residing in the web writing arena includes:

  • web pages (home page, company profile page, content pages, product descriptions, sales pages, landing pages, etc.)
  • blog posts
  • e-newsletters
  • email campaigns
  • online video scripting
  • online ads
  • opt-in bait pieces
  • social media content

That list isn’t all-inclusive. Web writing can consist of any copy written primarily for use on the Internet.

The wealth of information available on the Internet makes web writing a skill. While anyone can write their own web content, it may not be effective for attracting readers, informing customers and converting traffic. Just like any ol’ person writing a print ad probably wouldn’t help sales.

Web writing requires a keen understanding of marketing and sales tactics, a thorough understanding of the audience and their Internet activity, and a mastery of the art of being concise.

The very fact that it is web copy means all it takes is the click of a button to make it go away. Good web writing makes readers stay awhile on the webpage, maybe browse a bit, and possibly even buy on the spot. If the content is search engine optimized, those advantages multiply because the content gets more views.

If your business has an online presence– as all businesses should in 2012– investing in good, professional web writing can set you apart from your competitors. At the very least, it’s worth your time to learn what techniques make your website’s copy and content more profitable. Below are some resources to help you get started.

American Writers & Artists Inc. offers a wealth of articles on writing for the web. They also have home-study programs for more in-depth learning.

The good folks over a CopyBlogger.com provide tutorials on different forms of web writing.

Go take a look. If you find anything of use, which I’m sure you will, feel free to share in the comments.

Nikki Robinson is a freelance web copywriter and a member of American Writers & Artists Inc. Her background and experience include business management, sales & marketing, telecommunications and legal writing. Contact her at Nikki@RobinsonWriting.com or visit www.RobinsonWriting.com for more info.


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